Kentucky Rx Card Testimonials

One of my mother's new Cancer scripts was going to run $174 monthly, even with the Part D plan. With the Kentucky Rx Card, the cost went down to $47.50! The pharmacy had the card on file, and it was quick and easy for them to check. This kind of savings makes a huge difference for anyone, but especially for people on fixed incomes.

Terri J.
Richmond, Kentucky

The Kentucky Rx Card is meant to help those that are uninsured, under insured and self-employed afford their prescription medicines. Owensboro is proud to be a participant in this program, and we look forward to a continued partnership to keep these cards accessible to our community

Mayor Payne

I am proud to have the City of Madisonville sponsor and make available the Kentucky Rx Card. Hundreds of our residents have received discounts on prescriptions through this valuable, no-cost benefit.

Leslie Curneal, CKMC
City Clerk

I can't believe it. My husband's asthma medication is usually $300. I asked the CVS rep about the Kentucky Rx Card and she came back and said that the prescription would only be $185. I was floored. Thank you SO much. This is a big deal for our family.

Julie M.
Bowling Green, KY

I spilled my kid's prescription and my insurance wouldn't cover another refill within 30 days. So I pulled out the Kentucky Rx Card and was surprised to find that the discounted price was less than my insurance co-pay. I wish my health insurance was free like the Kentucky Rx Card!

Carson K.
Lexington, KY

You have answered my prayers! My husband and I both take the same heart medication and were having to take pills every other day in order to afford it. Thanks to your card, we can afford to fill the prescription monthly and we saved over a hundred dollars on our other medications. I am so glad we found you.

Ethel S.
Frankfort, KY

Just wanted to say thanks to the people at Kentucky Rx Card. I called to find out more about the program and was surprised to learn that the pharmacy by my house took the plan and the discounts would save me almost $70 per month. Excellent program.

Janice D.
Georgetown, KY

Thanks again for the cards. We've been giving them out to our patients and telling them about the program. We've had so many great stories about people saving money that I've lost track. Please send more cards!!!

Tami E.
Louisville, KY

We see so many patients every day that have to choose between affording medications and paying their utilities. It is a sad situation that affects many more people than most think. We are so glad to be able to offer the Kentucky Rx Card as a means of helping those struggling. I wish you continued success.

Dr. C.
Louisville, KY

When I received the card I didn't think much about it, but a few weeks later I was at the pharmacy and gave it to the lady at the counter. She knew exactly what it was and asked me to wait a minute while she calculated the new price. It was cut almost in HALF! And I didn't do anything but give them the card.

Betty W.
Lexington, KY