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Kentucky Rx Card

In 2009, GLI, along with the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness and members of the Louisville Metro Council, announced the launch of the Kentucky Rx Card. This free program is available to all Kentucky residents, and can provide savings of up to 75% on prescription drug costs.

GLI has embraced the program as one way to address member concerns - particularly small businesses - over the accessibility and affordability of health care coverage for their employees. The Kentucky Rx Card has no restrictions for membership, no income requirements, no age limitations, no application process, and is accepted at more than 50,000 national and regional pharmacies.

The program can be used by the uninsured, underinsured and those who have health insurance but no prescription benefits, as is common with health savings accounts and high-deductible health plans. Even individuals with prescription coverage can use this program for non-formulary or non-covered drugs.

GLI members and the public can visit and download a free card. Hard copies of the card can also be found at all Metro Public Health and Wellness locations, all Neighborhood Place locations, the Park DuValle Community Health Center, and in the June 8 edition of Job News. Individuals can also go to a CVS Pharmacy or Kmart location and ask to have their prescription processed through the program.

Other communities across America are successfully using the Rx Card to lower health care costs for businesses, families and individuals. GLI is excited to help bring this important resource to Kentucky. A special thank you to Metro Council members Vicki Aubrey Welch and Judith Green for their early and enthusiastic support of the card, and to Mayor Jerry Abramson for his leadership on this initiative. Our appreciation also goes to Norton Healthcare for its generous contribution to the printing of the Kentucky Rx Card, making it accessible even to those without internet access.